Caveat Finance

A registered caveat provides a swift and seamless means of settling a short term loan. Secured by way of a registered caveat, this facility is available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short term line of funding beyond their current credit provider’s capacity. Short term caveat loans are available for business purposes and secured personal loans.

What are Caveat Loans?

In a nutshell, Caveat loans are basically like a mortgage or charge over your property. You receive funds and the lender puts a charge over your property to secure the repayment of the debt. They can typically be behind another mortgage over your property.

What are short term caveat loans?

Short term caveat loans, as the name suggests, are taken for a short period of time by borrowers who need urgent funding. The funds are secured as we mentioned above over their property via a caveat. They are often used to fill a gap in funding for bridging finance, business purposes or property improvements. These short term caveat loans are available throughout Australia and can be provided within days of approval. They usually can be taken for a period of one to six months.

Why do you need a caveat loan?

As mentioned earlier, people can take caveat loans for many reasons ranging right from business emergencies to any investment or financial situation. They are very similar to bridging finance, a type of funding that was actually designed to help property buyers buy a new property before their existing property had not yet settled. Who are the typical clients who take out caveat finance?

Caveat loans are usually used for real estate dealings or business dealings. If you are stuck in the short term needing funding and settlement of a pending matter will take months, caveat loans can come to the rescue in providing you with the cash required, secured over your new or existing property. Caveat loans are often borrowed by property owners, project managers, businessmen or other borrowers who realise they cannot afford to miss out on funding.

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