Franchise Finance

Obtaining a franchise in a successful franchise system is often difficult. The initial capital outlay is normally large, and to fully secure the loan you usually have to mortgage your house.

What is Franchise

Franchise is a contractual relationship in which the franchisor (the owner of a product or service) provides a licensed privilege to the franchisee (dealers) to do business and offers assistance in organising, training, merchandising, marketing, and managing in return for a consideration often known as a franchise fee.

Franchise Finance

Obtaining finance for buying a franchise may be difficult as many lenders hesitate to fund new franchises. At Business Money our consultants are experienced in securing franchise funding. We have strong business relationships with a number of financial institutions and banks that can help make your investment happen.

Our consultants understand what lenders are looking for, they know how to present your loan application in order to maximise your chances of getting approval.

Business Money can assist in obtaining finance for a new or existing business franchise in the following areas:

Franchise Acquisition Finance

If you are looking into a new or existing business franchise opportunity, Business Money has strong relationships with a number of lenders that offer tailor made franchise financing packages for accredited franchise systems.

In many instances we can obtain unsecured business loans for up to 70% of the purchase price, depending on the quality of the franchise system.

Generally the term of the unsecured business loan is limited to the length of the lease (if applicable) which can be up to fifteen years. Depending on the strength of the application, the right financial institution and the right business franchise system, interest only business loans are also available.

This is where Melbourne Finance Brokers can help. We work from the basic belief that franchise businesses are different and usually inherit some strengths and capabilities from the franchisor.

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